It was the first time that I had ever seen “Cops,” the new film from Scott Moore, which is a movie that I watched as a kid.

It’s about police brutality, and it’s about the American police force.

And that’s something that I’ve wanted to do, to portray that.

It was a real challenge for me, but I felt that I was getting to the point where I was ready to do something about it.

I wanted to tell a story that was true, and that I knew was true.

The only thing that I needed to do was to take that character out of his own reality and put him into the world of the police.

I knew that would be impossible.

I had done some research on this subject, and I was just trying to find that way to do it.

The film starts off with a flashback to a police raid in which a man is shot dead and the officers who were involved are convicted of murder.

That’s the only part of the story that I’m interested in.

It does a good job of showing that there’s some really bad cops out there, and a lot of the stuff that they do is justified.

When I think about the police in general, the way that they treat people is a reflection of a lot that goes on in our society, and they’re a lot more brutal than most people are made to believe.

They don’t deserve the label of “bad cops.”

The thing that really fascinated me about this story was that this was an issue that was happening to a lot people in this country, and nobody really cared about it, and yet it was happening.

So, I thought it was really interesting to get the perspective of the American cops and the American society in general.

What’s the difference between a cop and a soldier?

What does the word “police” mean?

And what is the role of the military in the American military?

These are the kinds of questions that the story is really about.

What kind of cop are we dealing with?

It’s really about a lot things.

And it’s really a big-picture story that we’re dealing with.

The story is about a police officer, but it’s also about the culture that exists in our country, the culture of policing, and the culture around the police department.

And, as you’ll see, it’s a very complex story, and there are all sorts of interesting elements to it.

It took a lot for me to be able to get it right.

The other thing that was really important to me was that I wanted this film to have a really powerful message about what the American system is, and what it means to have people die, and to have them suffer in a way that I didn’t think was justified.

There’s no one who was in the police that I couldn’t relate to in some way.

I know how much it takes to get that job, and how much effort it takes.

So it was a really hard decision to make, but we were able to do that.

I’ve got a really great team, and we’ve got some great actors, and some really talented people who are really interested in what’s going on.

We’re really excited about this.

I hope you guys are as excited as we are about it!

What did you guys like about it?

It was one of those movies that really surprised me.

I thought, “Wait, is this going to be a hit?”

The thing is, I never thought that the movie would be anything like what it is.

It wasn’t like, “Oh, you know, I’m going to get a ton of people to see this.”

It wasn and it remains to be seen, and maybe that’s why it didn’t sell as well as I hoped.

The movie is so different than what you might expect, but the thing that we really liked about it is that it’s so rooted in real events.

I feel like that’s the most important thing about a film like this.

When you’re dealing in a situation where someone is going to die, there are a lot different scenarios that can happen.

The last thing you want is something that’s going to happen where a cop is going home, and then the next day, a couple weeks later, a new cop is coming in and it goes from being a little bit overblown to, “Well, I was wrong, I think he should have been arrested, he was acting like a bad guy, so I guess he’s guilty.”

I think that’s a lot harder to deal with than it was to deal on that level with someone in the military.

So I think the real value of the film was that it was so grounded in reality that you really didn’t know what the hell was going to go on.

But I think there was a