A car hacking equipment manufacturer may be stealing car parts from Australia, according to experts.

Key points:Car-hacking equipment is used by car manufacturers in AustraliaCar-building companies have been warned about a possible vulnerability in the industry for some timeThe ABC understands some Australian car-building firms have used equipment from the company to manufacture carsIn an emailed statement, Car Hacker Australia (CHA) said it was unaware of the breach and was not aware of any incidents of car-hacker equipment being stolen.

It said the company has no record of incidents where equipment has been stolen or destroyed.

“In the context of the company’s operations in Australia, it is not uncommon for a small number of car manufacturing companies to purchase parts from one another for use in their respective products,” it said.

“The CHA is aware of no incidents of equipment being taken or destroyed in Australia.”

Car-driving expert Rob Cuthbertson, of the Royal College of Surgeons, said he believed the theft of car parts could be an indication that the manufacturers were not paying enough attention to the security of their systems.

“If the manufacturers are not taking appropriate security measures, that means that they’re getting the same kind of equipment and the same level of security, which means that we can be certain that it’s not going to be going on the internet,” he said.

Car-crushing equipment used by manufacturers in the United StatesCar-breaking equipment is an old technology.

Car hacking equipment is also used in Australia.

It can be purchased by car-driving companies for around $5,000, which is around twice the price of a car’s engine.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has been aware of concerns raised by car companies about the safety of their products for some years, and said the agency was concerned about the “significant risks” to consumers posed by the technology.

The ACCC has warned that the risks posed by car hacking were not limited to vehicles.”ACCC has been alerted to concerns regarding the safety and quality of vehicle parts supplied by car manufacturing firms in Australia,” it wrote in a submission to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

“We are aware of the potential risks to consumers and the general public posed by vehicle-cracking technology.”ACCC chairman Rod Sims said he was concerned by the potential for car-crashing to affect “the reliability of consumer goods”.

“In many cases, these issues are very serious and can affect consumers’ health, safety and wellbeing,” he wrote in the submission.

“Given that the ACCC is aware that a number of these risks have been identified and that the technology has been widely used, we are very concerned that consumers are being put at risk by these issues.”

As such, we urge manufacturers of consumer-oriented vehicles to take all appropriate safety measures to ensure that consumer goods remain safe to use and enjoy.

“Dr Cuthbery said it would be very hard to determine whether the manufacturers of car hacking kits had acted appropriately.”

You would think that the company would have to look into it,” he told the ABC.”

I would like to think that they are doing their due diligence on this and I would be surprised if they didn’t have some sort of internal investigation or an external investigation going on into this.