Nintendo’s first new SmartCare equipment in a long time is expected to hit the market soon, and it’s being marketed as a cheaper alternative to the existing range of products.

The company announced that it would be launching a new SmartTrip service at the end of this month, which will allow users to transfer their old Nintendo 3DS games, software and accessories from one console to another.

The service will be free to all Nintendo 3D owners, and will include a Nintendo 3-D GamePad.

It will also include an SD card reader that can store all the 3DS game data, along with a USB cable to connect it to a smartphone or tablet, and a Nintendo Switch game controller.

The Switch console has long been a popular console for Switch owners, so this service is sure to be a huge hit, with some fans already comparing it to the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Pro.

The new service is also being marketed alongside the release of the Switch-exclusive Nintendo Switch, and this could potentially give Switch owners a wider selection of hardware, with the Switch itself also being updated.

The original Nintendo Switch is set to arrive in stores later this month for $399.