The Stomas facility in St. Mungo’s is being evacuated after a health worker with the care centre contracted a new virus.

The incident has been reported to the Garda National Emergency Service.

A spokeswoman for St. Mary’s Hospital said it has been advised the Stomas hospital will be evacuated on Friday night.

The Garda said an internal investigation is ongoing.

A spokesperson for St Mungos Health said the St. Thomas Hospital in Dublin is also currently in lockdown.

A spokesman for St Thomas said: “A health worker has contracted a viral infection at St.

Mungo St Thomas Hospital.”

We are aware of the incident and we are in contact with the health service.

“No further details were available.

A Garda spokesman said there is no current risk to the public.

The St. Francis hospital, in Dublin’s west, has not yet been affected by the outbreak, the Gardai said.

The Irish Medical Association said there has been a significant increase in cases and the number of hospital admissions, with the hospital in the north of the country receiving the highest number.

St Mungoes Hospital in Co. Clare was the first hospital to receive a warning in January about the St Mumps strain.

This is not the first time the St Mary’s hospital has had to evacuate patients following the outbreak.

In October last year, the facility received a warning from the National Health Service (NHS) for the first outbreak of the virus.

In August, it was the site of the worst outbreak of Ebola virus in the world, when 3,600 people died in an outbreak in neighbouring Liberia.

In November, a case of Ebola was reported at the hospital.