CARGERSVILLE, N.C. — It’s the day before Christmas, and a couple is waiting to go on a car show in a parking lot outside a garage.

“My husband’s car’s got some really good skid tire,” says her friend, Amanda Taylor.

“But it’s got a problem.”

Amanda Taylor, who runs a skid-tire retailer called CarGersville, has been working with her husband’s mother, Denise Taylor, to find the best possible solution to a problem that has been plaguing their son, Jake Taylor.

The couple has bought Jake’s mother a new set of skid wheels to replace the ones that were torn apart in the car crash that killed their son.

But it’s not the first time Jake’s dad, Dave Taylor, has had a car accident.

His car has been totaled three times in recent years.

His father’s company, Car Gersville has had several car-related accidents, including one where a car smashed into a tree and killed his mother.

“We had to replace a lot of them, but we didn’t want to risk losing those cars,” says Amanda Taylor of the accident at their family’s garage.

It took the couple about six months to buy a new car.

Dave Taylor’s car had been totaled in the crash that happened three years ago.

The car dealership he runs in the area had just recently been sold.

He has since gone through a lot with his son.

“I think it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to deal with,” he says.

“When I first got into the business, my dad told me, ‘Jake, don’t think you can do it alone.

You’re a man of your word.

Jake Taylor’s mother was driving when the accident happened, but her car was not damaged. “

The next time I see him, I say, ‘I’m here with you.'”

Jake Taylor’s mother was driving when the accident happened, but her car was not damaged.

She was fine, but she had to have a new one.

“It was just a wreck,” says Amy Taylor.

Amy Taylor and her husband, Dave, have been working together to find a way to repair Jake’s father’s car.

Amy says the repair company she works for in the parking lot had recently been bought out by another company, and the two had been working out of the garage together.

Amy has spent about $10,000 in the past two months fixing her father’s broken skid wheel.

She has already repaired a number of other cars, and now she’s looking to repair her own.

She says her dad is not the only one in her situation.

“You’ve got a lot more people that have had a bad car than you thought,” Amy says.

But for Dave Taylor and his mother, finding the best solution to fix their son’s broken car is proving to be a challenge.

“The problem we’ve had is our vehicle, it’s a really old, rusty, worn-out car,” Dave Taylor says.

The family has bought the new car, but their problems with the old one remain.

“Jake’s mother had been driving a lot.

So we thought, why not make a new vehicle that we can have fun with?”

Dave Taylor said.

He’s already taken care of repairs on his own car.

“He’s driving his mom’s car now,” Dave says.

Dave has had to make repairs to several other cars in the family’s fleet, but he says they are not the kind of repairs that can be done with a garage, because of the number of pieces needed to fix a car.

It’s a huge challenge, but it is worth it.

“As soon as you do it, it just changes the way you think about it,” Dave said.

“There’s no better feeling than when you get to say, oh my goodness, I did this for my son.”

CarGersivville has also installed a new skid and replaced the wheels with a new kind of skidding tire.

The new tire is lighter and more reliable than the old tires, and it is also made of carbon fiber.

“This is a very inexpensive way of dealing with this problem,” says Dave Taylor.

The Taylor’s say the cost of the new skidding tires was around $3,000, but that will probably be cheaper in the future.

“That’s what our kids can afford,” Dave adds.

Car Gersivvville has been making repairs to the Taylor’s cars for about a year now.

The company sells new skids to people all over the world.

CarGerysville also sells the old skid skid, and Dave says that it’s been an easy sell for the company.

“They’re just the right size for our needs,” he said.

Dave Taylor says the new tires are easier to install, but the older ones are still made from metal. “Our old