Updated March 20, 2018 13:08:25 A nurse from Melbourne has been hit with a “new wave of traumatic trauma” after a car hit her as she was driving to a family’s home.

In a video posted to social media, a woman can be seen on the ground, covered in blood, as paramedics treat her.

“It was just a car coming at me at high speed, but I didn’t see it coming,” the woman can also be heard saying in the video.

“I just kept driving.”

The woman is heard crying as paramedics take her to hospital.

The woman was taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital in a critical condition, where she remains in intensive care.

She was also treated for broken bones and a “fractured lung” in her right lung.

The footage was shared by a Melbourne social media user who posted the video to Facebook.

She said it was filmed in the early hours of Monday morning.

“A woman who works in trauma care and she’s got a broken leg and a fractured lung,” she said.

“She’s in ICU.”

Emergency services attend woman hit by car in Brisbane Ms Manners has also been hit by another car in the Brisbane suburb of Marrickville.

The driver of the other vehicle has been arrested, police said.

The man who hit the woman, identified as 29-year-old Patrick Brown, has been charged with dangerous driving causing death.

He has been remanded in custody and is due to appear in the Sunshine Magistrates Court later on Tuesday.

He is expected to appear again in court on Wednesday.

Police said they are investigating the crash.

“At this stage there are no witnesses,” Acting Inspector Peter Gough said.