Japanese car dealers are offering a discount on some of the most expensive vehicles in the country to customers looking to repair their cars.

The discounts are available to consumers who have repaired their cars on Japanese roads.

They include an automatic, automatic transmission, air conditioning, and brakes.

It is the first time the Japanese government has offered such incentives to owners, but Japanese automakers have long offered similar discounts on their own cars.

“If you can afford it, then you should take advantage of the discounts,” said Takahiro Yamamoto, a senior director at the Automotive Industry Association of Japan, an industry group.

“We hope to see more discounts on the cars of foreign brands in the future.”

Honda says that it has been making changes to its vehicles over the last three years to reduce the risk of fire, so it will no longer offer an automatic transmission or air conditioning.

However, some owners are taking the deal as an opportunity to get more work done on their vehicles, including installing more windows and doors.

Some of the cars that have received the discounted discounts are:The Honda Accord, the most popular Honda vehicle in Japan, is available in four different colors, but has been selling well with customers.

The Accord, with a base price of 1,400,000 yen ($17,200) is currently on sale at the dealership, where it is available with automatic transmissions.

The manual transmission is also available for around the same price, at 1,600,000.

The Honda Civic, a hatchback sedan, is also offered with an automatic gearbox, and the automatic transmission is a bit more expensive.

The base price for the Civic, with its standard equipment, is 1,900,000, but the manual transmission costs 1,700,000.(Supplied)Other Honda models are also getting discounts, including the Civic Si, which is available at the dealer for 800,000 ($30,400).

The manual gearbox and air conditioning are also discounted.

The Civic comes with four seats and a roof rack, and it comes with a 1,200-mile warranty.

Honda says it has also been reducing emissions.

It has also launched a new range of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles that are being sold in Japan as a result of the Accord’s low prices.

Honda is also offering a new Honda Accord Hybrid hatchback with an electric powertrain, a new version of the Civic sedan, and an optional hybrid version of its Accord.

The Japanese government is offering a rebate on the cost of an automatic and automatic transmission in addition to a discount of 100,000 to 400,000 in some cases.

These discounts are currently only available in Japan.