UK car insurer CarInsurance is expected to raise the minimum monthly premium for its car insurance policy by 5% to £5,000 in April and will also offer a new car insurance product called BabyCare.

The new car policy will offer a £20 per month discount for car-related activities, including baby care and car-free days.

The policy will also include £20 off baby care services, such as washing, changing diapers, and car maintenance.

Car insurance companies will be able to offer an additional £50 for baby care activities, such a car-friendly day and a special holiday, in the new car premium.

Car Insurance UK said it has been following the market since 2009 and the cost of car insurance has increased in line with inflation since then.

In April, the average premium for a single policy was £11,600, while the average monthly premium was £8,000.

CarInsurance said the cost-of-insurance hikes will not impact those on the highest end of the premium bracket, as the policy will be exempt from inflation.

However, the increase will impact those earning less than £50,000, and those earning more than £100,000 who will face higher premiums.