Toyota’s Tundras were a big hit with consumers.

It was their high-mileage model that brought a lot of attention, especially among millennials.

But the Toyota Taurus suffered a big setback when Chrysler pulled out of the U.S. market.

That was the biggest challenge for the brand.

But what happened to the Tundas?

We take a look at what happened in the market.

The Tunds had been a big seller in Europe, but sales in the U, China and Russia were falling.

Toyota took a big loss, and in Europe it only sold around 10,000 cars per month.

In the U., sales fell to around 10 million.

The brand had been losing sales for a while.

It sold more than 100,000 Tundos in 2014, but the brand had a tough time competing with other luxury brands like BMW.

The problem was that it had to sell more cars in China than in the United States.

The first half of the year saw sales rise for the Tulsas, but then the UAW workers voted to strike.

The strike was an effective way for Toyota to get rid of the workers and it did.

The company announced the end of production of the Taurus and a shift to a smaller, cheaper car.

But that wasn’t enough to revive sales.

The UAW was still going strong, so Toyota decided to move production to Mexico.

Toyota said it would give workers the same wages as American workers.

It would give them health care, a 401k plan, paid vacations and overtime pay.

But the company didn’t know what would happen if workers went on strike.

In a few weeks, the UAVs came down.

The workers in the plant were attacked.

It caused the company a lot more problems than it could handle.

The UAW lost a lot.

It took Toyota years to fix the problem.

They had to hire hundreds of new workers, pay them more than the workers who were on the strike, and the workers had to come up with another way to pay for the cost of labor.

Toyota lost $6 million.

The plant was destroyed.

There were more than 3,000 layoffs and over 700 people lost their jobs.

The entire plant was closed.

A new generation of workers has been put in place to help Toyota keep its cars running, but it wasn’t easy.

There was some pressure to make the cars more affordable for millennials, but Toyota had no idea how many would want to buy them.

The workers were angry and were ready to take it to the streets.

The brand responded by cutting wages and severance pay.

The Tundras went from a popular car to one of the worst in the country.

They were even given a “lonely-dome” sticker to remind them of their place in the car business.

Toyland, the company that makes the T-4 and T-5, decided to pull out of U.K. production and make the T6 a limited-edition model.

The cost of production in the UK was $14,000.

The new Tundrums are priced at $17,000 and the price tag for the other models is $19,000, according to Auto Express.

Toymaker says it is committed to improving its products, and it has put $1 billion into new plant upgrades.

The American workers are happy with the decision.

But it hasn’t worked out for the American workers as well.

The auto industry is a big business in the USA and it’s hard for them to see that the Toyota factory was closed and their wages were cut.

The new workers in Michigan are trying to get a better deal, but they’re struggling to find a job in the industry.

And they’re not getting much help from the union either.

Toyworks announced it is looking to sell its plant in Mexico.

It’s a difficult situation for the workers, because the company is looking for an agreement that will give them better wages and benefits than the Uaw workers in America.

The deal has yet to be signed.

The United Auto Workers, the biggest union in the world, has been calling for the company to pay workers more, including more overtime pay, more health care and sick leave, and to offer a 401(k) plan to workers who want to work more than 30 hours per week.

But it hasn’t been able to get anything.

Toy workers in Mexico have been calling on President Trump to intervene to protect their jobs and the American people.

The president has been reluctant to do so, but he said he would be open to speaking to the workers.

Toy factory workers in Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona have joined the UALW and are demanding the company make a more generous offer.

The United Auto workers in Indiana and Michigan are demanding more.

The Trump administration has yet, however, to give any clear indication of what kind of offer will be offered.

It could be a pay increase or