A new camera and power bank that can save your life is about to hit the market.

Stoma Care has introduced a new Stomec Power Bank, a camera-equipped StomaCare Camera that is powered by a solar cell and a battery pack.

Stomec is a leading provider of medical imaging equipment for hospitals, hospitals, medical facilities and other medical equipment suppliers.

The Stomecs Power Bank is a wearable device that connects to a Stomecus Power Bank that can store the medical images on its battery and recharge it whenever the device is in use.

It can also power a smartphone or tablet, and has been in use at hospitals and medical facilities for more than five years.

Stomes camera can capture images in real time and record them on to an SD card.

The Stomeces camera can also be used to capture videos to be uploaded to Stomecas website, Stomecios website or other sources.

The camera can be connected to a mobile device using Bluetooth, which allows it to communicate with the Stomectas website and the Stomes mobile app.

The company is offering the Stoma care camera to hospitals and other healthcare institutions as well as individuals, families and caregivers.

The cameras are currently available for $299 and $399.

The battery will cost $20, and the charger will cost around $10.

The new Stomacare Camera is a collaboration between Stoma and Stomeccare.

The camera has a wide field of view and a built-in LED flash, which makes it easy to see and take pictures of patients, staff and patients’ family members.

The power bank also has a USB port for charging the camera and can charge a phone as well.

The stoma care card will be available on Stomecaus website in December, and Stomes power bank will be in the market by February.

The company plans to ship Stomacare cameras and power banks in the first quarter of 2018.

Stomacares cameras will be the first devices to have the Stomacy power bank, and its successor, the Stomicar Power Bank.

The new Stomes Power Bank can store up to 12 images and will cost about $200.

The devices will be launched in early 2018.