Car towing service companies are increasingly offering car coding equipment that can detect and repair broken locks, as part of a push to increase vehicle safety.

Read MoreThe U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has proposed legislation to require car toting companies to include the technology in their fleet by 2025.

“If they can’t, then they shouldn’t be operating a business,” said Car Coding, which has locations in New York City and Washington, D.C.

The industry, which offers to tow, repossess and tow vehicles, has a strong customer base, with more than 40 million vehicles and more than 1,200 towing locations, according to its website.

In recent years, towing companies have been increasing the frequency of car codes to prevent stolen vehicles from getting stolen.

California, New York, Texas, Connecticut and Oregon are among several states and cities in which towing services have adopted a requirement for vehicles to be fitted with a car-to-wing system.

Towing companies also must now install a code in the vehicles to detect when a lock is broken, the Commission said in a statement.

“Tooth companies have a responsibility to ensure that vehicles they tow can safely be used, whether on the road or on the tarmac,” the statement said.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles said that as of April, more than 3,500 tow trucks had been certified as car-coded, including at least 2,500 certified in California.

The Commission said the industry’s push for car codes is also aimed at helping consumers to safely tow vehicles.

“The commission is working to encourage manufacturers and dealers to incorporate technology that allows them to detect and correct the malfunction of locks,” the Commission statement said, adding that “these devices are designed to help customers prevent the loss of their vehicles.”