American Care has been awarded a $3.5 billion loan guarantee from the Department of Veterans Affairs to keep up its costs in the event of a catastrophic event.

The VA has been reviewing the offer since September of last year and has now approved the loan, which will allow American Care to cover $1.5 million per month in annual operating costs.

This means that American Care is still facing significant financial challenges and will need to come up with additional funding.

American Care was originally awarded a loan guarantee of $3 million in 2013 and it is still eligible to receive another $3,000 a month.

It also had to take out another $2.4 million in loans and pay back $1 million of that.

That is because it still has some debt and is in the process of repaying that debt.

The loan guarantee has the potential to help American Care stay afloat financially for the foreseeable future.

American Cost is still under scrutiny for its work on the VA’s Veterans Health Administration (VAWA), the agency responsible for caring for veterans in need.

American Healthcare has been the subject of criticism for the way it treated veterans after they were discharged.

The company has had to pay a $4.2 million fine for not providing adequate care.

The government agency said that because American Care did not provide veterans with the care they needed, it violated the terms of its contract.

The agency also said that American Healthcare was not upfront about the need for veterans to receive the care it provided.

In response, American Care launched a series of lawsuits that eventually led to a settlement.

The American Care suit was brought against the VA by Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Veterans Association, and the National Veterans Coalition.

The Department of Justice has also brought lawsuits against American Care and the VA.