Health insurance companies are buying equipment to assist in treating patients with Ebola, and are now selling equipment for ambulances and paramedics, a company said on Monday.

Health insurers are buying a $2 billion inventory of medical supplies, including medical devices and equipment, to help treat patients with the Ebola pandemic, the company said.

Health care providers will use the equipment for all emergency situations and will be reimbursed for it through their health insurance, HealthCare for America said in a statement.

The company said it expects to have about $100 million in reimbursement for the sale of ambulances, paramedics, life-saving equipment, and other supplies.

Healthcare providers will be able to buy up to 30 ambulances or other vehicles to treat patients, with reimbursement from their insurance companies, according to the company.

“These supplies will be used to transport people who are being treated in their homes, hospitals, and primary care centers to areas that are hardest hit by the outbreak,” the statement said.

“This inventory is designed to give health care providers the ability to quickly respond to emergency situations, and also to provide the medical care needed to assist patients who are at high risk of dying from the Ebola virus.”

Health insurers also will be using the inventory to assist with the production of new medications for patients who have been critically ill.

The company said its inventory is expected to be available by mid-April.