The NFL’s equipment is designed to give players the best chance of making plays.

But how does the equipment work?

The NFL, of course, does not want to admit that the equipment is flawed.

The league has taken numerous steps to make it sound like the equipment works.

We’ll look at five of those steps below.1.

The padsThe padded helmets of the NFL’s new generation of pads are made of polyester and come with a rubber lining.

But those pads are not made for football.

They are designed for baseball, and it is not clear whether the same applies to the NFL.

The NFL has gone to great lengths to hide the fact that the padding on its new generation pads is not made of latex.

The New England Patriots, for example, have used foam inserts for the padding.

But they are made from rubber and do not adhere to the lining of the pads.

The new NFL pads have a unique rubber lining that is designed for footballs and not basketballs.

The lining is designed by the NFL to make the pads easier to play with and for players to grip.

The pads also have a padded sleeve, which is designed only for baseballs.

It is not intended to be worn on the baseball, nor does it conform to the league’s specifications.

The padding on the NFL-designed new pads is made of a soft, stretchy material.

It was first tested on the New England Patriot team in 2015.

The foam inserts on the new pads have been tested on other NFL teams, including the Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins, Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans.

The padding on those pads is also being tested by the league.2.

The knee padsThe new pads, which are now in use by teams including the Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns and the Houston Texans, come with an elastic band around the knee.

The elastic band is made from a thick material that will stretch when you bend it.

The elastic band has a stretchy surface that will bend when you press against it.

It’s not as good as the soft padding on a baseball, but it is close.

The soft padding does not have to be padded every time you bend the knee pad, and the elastic band can be removed with the snap of the wrist.

The band on the Broncos’ new pads also has a rubber liner.

It can be pulled up and down to adjust how hard it is to play on a football.

The liner is made for baseball.

The NFL says it has not been tested by a league-wide testing group.

The knee pads are designed to be played on the knee, not the other way around.

The knees are a lot more vulnerable to contact with a baseball than a football, which can bend and flex under contact.3.

The helmetThe NFL helmet is designed so that the front of the helmet is lined with rubber.

This design makes it more difficult for players and referees to hit the ball.

The rubber liner is designed not to catch balls on contact, and players will be more likely to hit a ball with the rubber liner than with a hard surface like a bat.

The league says that the rubber lining in the helmet does not affect the ball when the helmet’s rubber liner hits the ball and is not in contact with the ball as it passes the ball carrier.

But the league says the rubber linings on the helmet do affect the contact with balls in contact, because the rubber can break off and slide away from the ball, creating contact.

The helmet also has rubber padding around the helmet, which helps prevent players from getting hit with the soft liner.

But it also has padding around a small hole that will help protect the helmet from a hard blow from a bat or bat hit by a player.

The soft padding around an area of the player’s helmet protects it from the impact of a bat hitting the player.

But if the soft lining is removed, the rubber will tear off and the soft line will no longer protect the player from a hit from a soft liner, according to the National Football League.4.

The elbow padsThe NFL is looking to make its new knee pads and shoulder pads, too.

The new pads are lined with an elastomer liner that helps absorb hits from the hard liner, and this elastoma liner is the same material used to protect the pads from a baseball.

But a hard liner that has a similar elastomacrolyte lining as the new padding does little to protect against contact with hard contact.

A hard liner can break and the ball can still bounce off it.

The hard liner is not designed to protect a player from contact with any hard contact, including a bat, ball or ball carrier, the NFL said.5.

The armrestThe NFL armrests have been designed to minimize contact with players.

They have been used for years by the Los Angeles Rams, New England Belichick’s Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts.

They also have been worn by the Dallas Cowboys.

The shoulder pads on the