The head of a small California-based car manufacturer said Monday that it is introducing a new bumper plate for its cars.

The company said it is testing a new, high-tech bumper plate that has an LED lighting feature that is expected to be installed in all its models.

The new bumper features a laser engraving that allows for the placement of a camera lens so that drivers can clearly see their cars and vehicles.

The bumper plates are being sold by American-made bumper plates manufacturer Kwik-Trip.

The company has received a number of awards for the product, including the prestigious National Motorist Association Design Award.

The Kwik Trip company has a lot of competitors in the small car industry, but it says its bumper plates have made an impact in the marketplace.

The technology was created by Kwik Trip and is a key component of its system.

The laser is mounted inside the front bumper of the car.

It shines a laser onto the laser plate.

It can then be removed.

The lights are designed to be more visible to drivers, but they can also be activated by the driver to illuminate the entire vehicle.