A car batteries replacement could be up to half the cost of a hospital’s own, according a new study.

The research from the University of Melbourne found the cost could be between $1.2 million and $1 million per day.

It comes after the ABC revealed last year the cost per year of using hospital car batteries could be $9,000, with an average of $9.50 for the first six months.

But the study, published in the journal BioMed Central, said a “much lower” cost could also be achieved.

“What we’ve found is that if we have a battery which is not damaged, it is actually less expensive to use it than if we are using a damaged battery,” Professor Matthew Geddes, the lead author, said.

“If we are going to have a high cost per battery, the cost will be lower if we can get the battery to be damaged.”

Professor Gedds said if a hospital was not using its own batteries, the risk of damage to the battery was “probably minimal”.

He said the costs of replacing a battery were “very minimal” because of the “low” amount of the batteries needed.

“The battery is usually just sitting there for a couple of months, which is why a hospital may be able to use batteries from other hospitals,” he said.

Professor Giddes said a hospital would typically need a minimum of four batteries, and they could be “up to” five years old.

“There’s some research showing that we can reduce the cost if we’re able to get the batteries to be replaced.”

Professor David Koechlin from the Australian College of Cardiology said hospitals were using batteries for a variety of things.

“For example, if you have a heart attack or a stroke and your heart stops, you may need a replacement of your cardiac monitor,” he told ABC Radio Perth.

Dr Koehlin said hospitals had “gone a bit overboard” in the past with the use of battery replacements. “

Or you might use a battery to monitor the function of your kidney or the heart.”

Dr Koehlin said hospitals had “gone a bit overboard” in the past with the use of battery replacements.

“When we think about the cost in terms of how much they are costing to use a hospital, we’re probably talking about around a few hundred dollars per hour,” he added.

‘High risk’ Dr Geddis said a high-risk patient would likely have an accident with the battery.

“You would expect to have some serious damage, or you would expect the battery should have broken or otherwise been damaged,” he explained.

“In some cases, if a person has been injured in an accident, there may be damage to a part of the battery that will not be repaired or replaced.”

So if you’re going to be a high risk patient, and you’re not taking care of yourself, then there are probably a few high risk patients.