A car chipping service that uses a car-sized piece of equipment is being touted by auto manufacturers as a cheap way to repair or replace damaged or damaged-looking vehicles.

The service requires a driver to remove the car’s front bumper, center console and instrument panel and then use a chipping tool to chisel out the damage.

The company, CARL, has seen some success in repairing cars and trucks and says it has also helped repair other vehicles in need.

The car chippings are also used for repairing damaged windshields and roofs.

The equipment is not cheap.

They typically cost around $2,500 and can be customized for the car to make it fit better in the driver’s hand, according to the company’s website.

The cost of the tools ranges from $3,500 to $6,500 depending on the vehicle and how badly the vehicle has been damaged, according, CARB.

The chipping is a relatively new technology that’s made possible thanks to the advances in technology.

For years, car chippers used metal tools or saws to chisel off the surface of the vehicle.

But these tools are not designed to penetrate the metal, which can damage or even kill a vehicle.

CARL uses a small tool that attaches to the back of the tool, where the car can rest and be operated with a human hand.

The tool is small enough to fit into the back seat, but can also be easily removed from the car, CARBL, a division of CARL Automotive, said on its website.

CARBL’s technology is so effective, that its owners say they’ve never had to worry about losing their vehicle.

The only time they have had to replace a car has been when someone else used it for a job that involved chipping the car.

But it’s not the first time CARBL has used this technology.

A few years ago, it chipped the front of a Volkswagen Jetta, a small car with a small engine that’s popular among truckers.

It was the last time the car was used, according in a post on the company website.

A couple of years ago it chiseled out the entire rear quarter panel of a Porsche, according a report by the New York Times.

The automaker did not respond to a request for comment on this story.

A company called CARBL is not the only one offering car chips.

CARR has also made the car chipper a popular part of its repair program.

According to CARR, the company was the first to offer the service, in 2012, and has seen its business grow by more than 500 percent in that time.

CARRL also uses a similar chipping technique to repair the rear bumper of a Nissan Murano, which it says is “a classic example of how a chipped rear bumper can cause major damage.”