The maker of stoma and stomma care products says it is preparing to begin selling online a new product line aimed at stoma patients who are looking to save money by getting their care more quickly.

“We are going to be launching online stoma kits and stomacare kits as well as stoma gear,” said David Schulz, CEO of the Stoma Care Group, in a recent interview with Bloomberg Television.

The Stoma Group is owned by San Francisco-based company Stoma.

Schulz said the new line of products will include stoma tools and stomas, which are used for skin grafts, in addition to a stoma support system.

“People want to get the right help, so we are really trying to find the right answer for them,” Schulz told Bloomberg.

The new products, which Schulz called “premium” and “premiered,” will be available to patients who want them, but won’t be sold directly to patients.

They will be sold on the website, which is owned and operated by Stoma, and through, which offers online ordering.

The company said the product line will be delivered to patients’ homes, which will allow them to order as needed, with delivery guaranteed.

The products are available in a range of shapes and sizes.

The first stoma kit, a kit with four stoma sticks and two stoma patches, is currently available on Amazon, for $99.99.

The next stoma tool, a stomaset with a small blade and a stomax, is available for $39.99 and comes with a blade and three stomace patches.

“It’s a much better product than the one that we have now, so it’s a step forward,” Schulss said.

The kits include a set of tools and patches, which can be purchased separately.

They are not the first stomatos to be sold online, but they are the first to have an online ordering option.

The makers of stomasets and stoms, which were developed to treat skin graft issues, are hoping that online orders will help stoma users make better decisions about their care.

“The StomaCare product line is meant to be a new generation of stomascares, which means it’s not going to go away,” Schutz said.

“But it will be much easier to find and have at home, and it will give patients a better experience.”

The company has already received hundreds of inquiries from patients looking for the products, he said.