New Delhi, India – Police in the Indian city of New Delhi have arrested three men in connection with the brutal carjacking of a driver last week, and charged them with assault and rape.

The incident took place near the Indian Consulate in Mumbai, where the victims were waiting to board a flight to Pakistan when a man drove a black car and pulled them over, police said.

A female passenger was beaten and dragged into the car, which was driven by two men, who then allegedly raped her and threw her to the ground.

Police say the men also assaulted another woman and her son.

They said they found the victim in a hotel room where she was forced to perform oral sex on the man and then urinated on.

A video posted online showed the three men dragging the woman into the back of the car and then driving her to a nearby residential building where they raped her.

The women was taken to a hospital in the city where she later died.

Police have said they are investigating whether the driver knew the two men who raped the victim.

The three men, identified as Saurabh Gaur, 35, Anil Kumar, 34, and Anup Kumar, 37, are in their early 20s and are from the city of Lucknow.